We Are All Just Trying To Build A Life We Want To Live In.

Where we come from, and what we drag behind us, can often get in the way of where we want to go.

We Must Know Our Story

We either know, understand and accept our stories or our stories live us. Period.
It really is all about our stories.

How do our stories live us? Have you asked yourself these questions before?

Why does this keep happening to me? 
How did I end up here again? 
Why do I keep making these hurtful choices? 
Why do I keep behaving in these hurtful ways? 
Why does happiness and contentment continue to evade me?

We Are Learning From The Moment We Are Born.

We live what we learn. We adapt to what we learn, and when abuse and trauma is the teacher, our learning is maladaptive for later healthy living.

Few Of Us Escape Childhood, Without Some Wounds And Trauma.

Learning about yourself and coming to understand your story is hard, uncomfortable work. That is why it is so often avoided.

Yet, Understanding Our Stories Is The Beginning Of Our Healing, Recovery, And Growth.

The path to healing your past trauma, is through your story.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  – Maya Angelou

I hope the material on this website is helpful to you in understanding how your story formed, and how your story has informed your development and the way you relate to the world.