Childhood Trauma Survivor’s Workshop

The Childhood Trauma Survivor’s Workshop is available online and periodically live.

Growing up can be painful. Whether marked by shame, alcoholism, domestic violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse, religious rigidity, or medical challenges, few things impact our adult lives as profoundly as childhood trauma.

Our unresolved childhood stories follow us, often making it difficult or impossible to truly thrive as adults. Even though we tell ourselves it wasn’t that bad, that we can push through, that it is long forgotten, that others had it worse, or even that we left it at the cross, still its impact persists.

Trauma influences us in three important areas: how we see and feel about ourselves, how we see and relate to others, and how we experience our relationship with God. All three of these areas are pivotal to our quality of life, enjoyment, and fulfillment.

This workshop is designed to help you better understand the nature of childhood trauma, how we respond to these types of hurts as children, the lasting impact of abuse, and finally the road to recovery. You’ll find understanding, direction, and hope for survivors, for partners and those who support them.

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