Forgiveness Workshop

The Forgiveness Workshop is available online and periodically live.

Few topics have been subjected to as much misinformation and hurtful teaching as the issue of forgiveness. If you have been hurt deeply and intimately by another person, then the messages we have heard about forgiveness can often feel trite, unrealistic, and even offensive. Many of us were taught lessons on forgiveness that only compounded our hurt. The expectations of other people for us to quickly forgive have only added insult to injury.

This workshop will explore what forgiveness actually means, what it doesn’t mean, what conditions are required, how intimate injuries harm us, and what is involved in the stages of a forgiveness process. If you have found it difficult to reconcile previous teaching on forgiveness with your own personal journey and sense of justice, then this workshop will be helpful to you.

Online Workshop

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Live Workshop

Due to COVID-19 no in-person events are currently scheduled.

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