The Untangled Heart Workshop

Emotions can be wonderful! They can also be confusing and inconvenient. Worse yet, they can seem debilitating. Some of us live in numbness. Others of us are taken by surprise when our emotions overwhelm us. The consequences are pain, broken relationships, and disruption in our lives.

Have you had thoughts like these?

  • I don’t know what I’m feeling or why I’m feeling this way.
  • Sometimes my emotional reactions seem explosive and out of my control.
  • When I feel anything, I feel down, depressed or anxious, and I’m not sure why.
  • Am I just broken? Am I just not an emotional person? Is this just how I am?

Wouldn’t life be better if you had a roadmap to navigate all of this? We can learn how to experience and understand our emotions without being derailed by them. Therapists refer to this as attunement, where we learn how to identify, understand, and regulate our emotional responses. 

Our emotions are a good and purposeful part of who we are. We don’t need to hide from our emotions or deny them. We don’t need to live with fear that our emotions will overwhelm us. We can learn to experience them in a way that allows us access to the wisdom they carry!

In this 1-Day Workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why we often disconnect from our emotions.
  • How our emotions serve a vital role in living a fulfilled life.
  • What is happening in your brain and body when you feel an emotion.
  • A simple-to-understand roadmap for how to experience and understand your own emotions
  • Tools that you can immediately use to improve your own emotional life and emotional connection with others.

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Live Workshop

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